Rx: The Quiet Revolution

In this inspiring 90-minute documentary, filmmaker David Grubin – the son of a general practitioner – takes his camera across America to focus on the challenges and triumphs in our country’s health care delivery system. The four segments that comprise Rx: The Quiet Revolution introduce us to a diverse group of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are transforming the way we receive our medical care: lowering costs by placing the patient at the center of their practice.

Finding Solutions

With chronic disease on the rise, U.S. health care costs skyrocketing and the old model of medicine failing to provided solutions, many are calling for a 'patient-centered' approach to health care.

  • d marino

    It’s always the Jewish perspective we are given and since they number the top stats in the medical industry, we, goyim, should be wary.

  • d marino

    The first 3 minutes of this film and already, the question is that healthcare is not efficient. Duh? Doctors charge too much and spend too little time listening to their patients. So, who’s fault is that? This doctor speculates as if some unknown and unseen force is causing this issue. It is they who are causing this issue. They get wealthy and give too little time to each patient.