Rx: The Quiet Revolution – Preview

Filmmaker David Grubin, the son of a general practitioner, takes his camera across the country to focus on America’s health care delivery system. He discovers a quiet revolution – doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are transforming the way we receive our medical care and lowering costs at the same time by placing the patient at the center of their practice.

In Maine, we meet Dr. David Loxterkamp, who practices family medicine with a team of doctors challenged to treat patients with chronic illnesses. (One out of every two Americans has a chronic disease.)

In Mississippi – a state with more diabetes than any other – we visit a rural health clinic fighting diabetes with the aid of an electronic communications device that provides greater access to medical care and helps patients take responsibility for managing this devastating chronic disease.

In San Francisco, we discover a health care facility for seniors called On Lok, dedicated to making it possible for frail, elderly Americans in need of nursing home care to live with dignity in their own homes.

In Alaska, we meet Native Alaskans who own and operate their own health system, caring for 65,000 people across 107,000 square miles, and in spite of the numbers of patients and the vast distances, are determined to foster an empathetic relationship between patients and their health care providers.

Finding Solutions

With chronic disease on the rise, U.S. health care costs skyrocketing and the old model of medicine failing to provided solutions, many are calling for a 'patient-centered' approach to health care.